Sunday, January 25, 2009

Nuclear Power

How long do we have to wait for nuclear power? Its the cleanest non-poluting energy source we have. There are currently nuclear power plants that would supply 35000 homes with power. They need 7 or 8 people to control. These plants are small, safe and totally buried in the ground. The plant would last five years then get replaced and refurbished. The plant costs 60,000,000 or about 1741.00 per home. Yes 1741.00 per house. Pretty cheap to me.

But the ability or the nuclear industry to start and operate a standard nuclear plant is smothered by govt regulation, environment radicals and the general lack of understanding by the average citizen about nuclear power.

I know......what about three mile island...., what about Chernobyl.....

Three Mile Island- yes there was a problem and yes the problem was totally contained as designed by the engineers. No radiation leaks occurred.

Chernobyl--yes there was a severe problem. We must remember this was a reactor run by a communist country, without all the safety factors we use in the USA. As well the reactor was a combination power generator and waepons making factory. In the US we only do one or the other in a nuclear reactor. This makes them much safer. After the inital high readings the levels of radiation decreased to the average. As a matter of fact the current levels of radiation in Chernobyl are less than the every day background radiation in Norway.

In the future I wil list a few books about the propaganda against using nuclear power. It amazed me as to how safe and pollution free nuclear power is. Something else to think about--our navy runs all of its carriers on nuclear power. Last I heared they get about 20yrs before having to get new fuel rods.

Sunday, January 18, 2009


We have been watching a few of the episodes of Emergency, the old TV series. What a hoot. Its pretty funny to watch with all of the clothes,hair, vehicles and old medical equipment. I complain about carrying the stuff we do now, then I see them carry supplies in boxes made from plywood! Our equipment today is smaller and lighter, especially the cardiac monitor.

...and no we don't carry a giant orange radio phone to call the hospital. We use a cell phone. and for most of the advanced treatments we work off of protocols and rarely call and ask the MD permission to do something. Funny to see your profession on TV.

Lizzies snow lady bug

This is a picture of Lizzie and her snow lady bug from last winter. Michele found ways to build snow stuff besides the usual snowman. The lady bug was built and painted by our family. I was tagged by Michele for the fifth folder, fifth picture.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Gun Control

I am not talking about keeping your target in your sights, I am thinking of morons who want to take citizens guns away or ban guns. Yes I know the proper terms are rifle, pistol, shotgun and revolver. I have thought a lot about this subject. Seems to me most of the people wanting to take our guns away are not thinking straight. I mean how long does it take for the cops to get to your door if you need them. They respond very quickly here, but sometimes no matter how fast they arrive it is too late. So whats a citizen to do to protect himself and his family ?

I mean I don't have the finances to pay for a body guard and my little lap dog will bark and bite your ankles , so how do I stay safe? I know some will say,"stay away from those areas..". But what about in your own home or car or while on a trip. I know some will say guns kill people. I mean do your guns unzip themselves from their cases and fire at will. I think not. Someone must load, aim and fire the gun for the bullet to it its target. So we must conclude that people kill people. Right ? I can see at least five things from were I am sitting that could easliy kill someone and no one is clamouring to ban extension cords, sheets, plastic bags, books, tv's, lamps, etc..

If banning is the answer, we need to get rid of a lot of stuff. The answer is enforcing the laws. The answer is not a knee jerk reaction.


Yes, I detest locks. Locks for the house, locks on cars, locks on gates, locks on windows. Locks on lockers. Why must we have locks ? Yes I must confess a problem with losing keys, but if there were no locks I would have no keys to lose! I have spent many hours looking for keys. We have locks because of thieves... Funny part is I would loan out most of the stuff I have if someone would just ask to borrow. I have a few close friends whom I have told they can come borrow stuff without asking. If people really want to take your stuff they can. In my job as a firefighter, I have had to open many locked doors to put out a fire or search for people. Its not that hard and I am really not that good at doing so. I would imagine a really good thief laughs at most locks.

I wonder how much time I have spent opening locks and looking for my keys to open locks. Is it a lack of punishment in our world--I mean, how many times can you steal before going to jail. Are you hungry and stealing food or stealing to sell the items for food. If you are hungry there are many places to get help. If you need money get a job. I realize a lot of theft is to support drug habits. So getting a job is probably difficult. But preying on people who work hard and scrimp buy is not right .


Is it just me or is everyone else tired of passwords? I have a password to pay my power bill, one for the phone bill, one for the cell phone bill. I have one for the bank account. When I go to work I have a password to get on the computer, then a password to get on every program.

oh and I forgot they all must be different to fit each applications security crap. I'm hoping someone gets on my power bill account and pays it for me!!!!! I know, someone might stop my service, well I know most of the power removal guys pretty well from my job. And I'm not too concerned about the $29 dollars I have at the bank either. I guess if some computer hacker dude could get a bunch of account's money he might be able to buy lunch!!!!!

.....and how about all the questions like, "What is the name of your first dog?" or "Where were you born ?" or "What is the first car you owned ?" I thinking if someone can figure out all the different passwords I have, they probably could find the answers to most of the questions anyway.

I almost forgot....."and we must change these passwords every six months, in case some breeches the system." So now I have a freaking list of usernames and passwords for everything I do and I have to change them every six months and I'M NOT TO WRITE THEN DOWN ?

I wonder how much time I have wasted putting in usernames and passwords, not to mention if you put the wrongs ones in. At work if you do this a couple of times, the computer will lock down. I find that interesting because to get in the building you must have a security code, them to start the computer you must have a password, then to use any program you must Log on, with a secure code. I don't have a secret clearance or the secret ingredients to some famous food. I mean come on how many people have their identity stolen. I know, I know someone might get my social security money.....last statement from them said .."at my current rate I will receive $329.46 per month.." That will pay a lot of bills in 30 years...So happy hacking !!!!