Monday, January 12, 2009

Gun Control

I am not talking about keeping your target in your sights, I am thinking of morons who want to take citizens guns away or ban guns. Yes I know the proper terms are rifle, pistol, shotgun and revolver. I have thought a lot about this subject. Seems to me most of the people wanting to take our guns away are not thinking straight. I mean how long does it take for the cops to get to your door if you need them. They respond very quickly here, but sometimes no matter how fast they arrive it is too late. So whats a citizen to do to protect himself and his family ?

I mean I don't have the finances to pay for a body guard and my little lap dog will bark and bite your ankles , so how do I stay safe? I know some will say,"stay away from those areas..". But what about in your own home or car or while on a trip. I know some will say guns kill people. I mean do your guns unzip themselves from their cases and fire at will. I think not. Someone must load, aim and fire the gun for the bullet to it its target. So we must conclude that people kill people. Right ? I can see at least five things from were I am sitting that could easliy kill someone and no one is clamouring to ban extension cords, sheets, plastic bags, books, tv's, lamps, etc..

If banning is the answer, we need to get rid of a lot of stuff. The answer is enforcing the laws. The answer is not a knee jerk reaction.

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  1. AMEN & AMEN!! Right now our new prez is giving his 1st speech as the commander in chief. I sure hope the fears we have about rights being taken away (with the new regime)do not come to fruition. Only time will tell. God bless America.