Sunday, January 25, 2009

Nuclear Power

How long do we have to wait for nuclear power? Its the cleanest non-poluting energy source we have. There are currently nuclear power plants that would supply 35000 homes with power. They need 7 or 8 people to control. These plants are small, safe and totally buried in the ground. The plant would last five years then get replaced and refurbished. The plant costs 60,000,000 or about 1741.00 per home. Yes 1741.00 per house. Pretty cheap to me.

But the ability or the nuclear industry to start and operate a standard nuclear plant is smothered by govt regulation, environment radicals and the general lack of understanding by the average citizen about nuclear power.

I know......what about three mile island...., what about Chernobyl.....

Three Mile Island- yes there was a problem and yes the problem was totally contained as designed by the engineers. No radiation leaks occurred.

Chernobyl--yes there was a severe problem. We must remember this was a reactor run by a communist country, without all the safety factors we use in the USA. As well the reactor was a combination power generator and waepons making factory. In the US we only do one or the other in a nuclear reactor. This makes them much safer. After the inital high readings the levels of radiation decreased to the average. As a matter of fact the current levels of radiation in Chernobyl are less than the every day background radiation in Norway.

In the future I wil list a few books about the propaganda against using nuclear power. It amazed me as to how safe and pollution free nuclear power is. Something else to think about--our navy runs all of its carriers on nuclear power. Last I heared they get about 20yrs before having to get new fuel rods.


  1. Dear Sean,
    I am afraid you are a victim of US propaganda on Chernobyl. Please consider the following:
    1) There has never ever been any weapon factory in Chernobyl. As there are no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. Please state the source of your data, otherwise.
    2) Levels of radiation in Chernobyl and surrounding are are still quite high and will be like that for several hundreds if not thousands of years (some of the isotopes found there have very long half-life periods). Moreover, recent studies show that they are constantly spread with ground waters on larger areas. About 1/5 of Belarus territory remains polluted more or less, so do some northern territories of Ukraine.
    3)The explosion had to do with non-competent people who ordered tests on that reactor. If you are interested in a detailed story, please check my posts here Otherwise, RBMK reactors are safe enough to operate, that is admitted by IAEA inspections in Ignalina, Lithuania, for example.
    As for other things, I completely agree with your statement on antinuclear propaganda nowadays. Nuclear is far not so evil as it is painted :))) Looking forward your new posts, good luck!
    Best regards,
    Alexandra Prokopenko
    (Belarus/Ukraine blogger currently living in Sweden)

  2. Most of my source is a book, "Underexposed, What if radiation is actually good for you" by Ed Hiserodt. I will give quotes and citations in another post.