Monday, January 12, 2009


Yes, I detest locks. Locks for the house, locks on cars, locks on gates, locks on windows. Locks on lockers. Why must we have locks ? Yes I must confess a problem with losing keys, but if there were no locks I would have no keys to lose! I have spent many hours looking for keys. We have locks because of thieves... Funny part is I would loan out most of the stuff I have if someone would just ask to borrow. I have a few close friends whom I have told they can come borrow stuff without asking. If people really want to take your stuff they can. In my job as a firefighter, I have had to open many locked doors to put out a fire or search for people. Its not that hard and I am really not that good at doing so. I would imagine a really good thief laughs at most locks.

I wonder how much time I have spent opening locks and looking for my keys to open locks. Is it a lack of punishment in our world--I mean, how many times can you steal before going to jail. Are you hungry and stealing food or stealing to sell the items for food. If you are hungry there are many places to get help. If you need money get a job. I realize a lot of theft is to support drug habits. So getting a job is probably difficult. But preying on people who work hard and scrimp buy is not right .


  1. I do not think I was ever given keys to any of the doors in my new house????? Flowermary1

  2. here is a messie annonymous quote: "there is no time to put it where it goes, but there is always time to look for it" so true - we have time to find it cuz we have no choice, if we just took the time to put it in the right place to start with - life would be easier, yes, dear, I am talking to us - cuz we suck at this! :)

  3. he he.I had to chuckle at Michele's comment.At least she said "we"...I'm the main offender at our house...But on Tuesday Patrick did lock his motorbike's key in his seat at work & the dogs & I had to bring him his extra key. The pups got an extra trip to the dog park out of it,so they were happy.;<)