Monday, January 12, 2009


Is it just me or is everyone else tired of passwords? I have a password to pay my power bill, one for the phone bill, one for the cell phone bill. I have one for the bank account. When I go to work I have a password to get on the computer, then a password to get on every program.

oh and I forgot they all must be different to fit each applications security crap. I'm hoping someone gets on my power bill account and pays it for me!!!!! I know, someone might stop my service, well I know most of the power removal guys pretty well from my job. And I'm not too concerned about the $29 dollars I have at the bank either. I guess if some computer hacker dude could get a bunch of account's money he might be able to buy lunch!!!!!

.....and how about all the questions like, "What is the name of your first dog?" or "Where were you born ?" or "What is the first car you owned ?" I thinking if someone can figure out all the different passwords I have, they probably could find the answers to most of the questions anyway.

I almost forgot....."and we must change these passwords every six months, in case some breeches the system." So now I have a freaking list of usernames and passwords for everything I do and I have to change them every six months and I'M NOT TO WRITE THEN DOWN ?

I wonder how much time I have wasted putting in usernames and passwords, not to mention if you put the wrongs ones in. At work if you do this a couple of times, the computer will lock down. I find that interesting because to get in the building you must have a security code, them to start the computer you must have a password, then to use any program you must Log on, with a secure code. I don't have a secret clearance or the secret ingredients to some famous food. I mean come on how many people have their identity stolen. I know, I know someone might get my social security money.....last statement from them said .."at my current rate I will receive $329.46 per month.." That will pay a lot of bills in 30 years...So happy hacking !!!!


  1. congrats on your new blog!! You are a good writer, honey!! Now you can do all your ranting on here and I don't have to listen to it anymore, right?!

  2. Directed here by Michele.I can't agree with you more.My brain is so clogged with user names and passwords I can't remember my husband's birthday.And don't get me started on our computers and the info that we've lost when they crashed.(I know,back up...not always done.)Congrats on your new blog.